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Common Uses of Concrete Pumping

Uses of concrete pumping are wide. Depending on the size of a project, there is usually a solution to fit the exact needs of the work in progress.

Subsidence Works:

To stabilise a building which is found to be affected by subsidence. The use of concrete pumping is often advised as the building is made safe and secure.

Swimming Pools:

Concrete is pumped or sprayed directly into the swimming pool cavity. Concrete swimming pools are extremely hard wearing and long lasting.


Far speedier than the traditional method of pouring. Pumping concrete into the footings of a new building saves time and is far more economical.


New floors made of concrete are created speedily, cheaply and safely with the use of a concrete pump. This is especially true for larger areas. The choice of finishes which can be applied to concrete floors is now wider than it ever was.


An awkward place to work, cellars often present difficulties when they require attention. But with concrete pumping, no corner is too tricky to access.

General Buildings:

For most general buildings, concrete pumping is a sensible option when compared to the laborious pouring method. For upper floors and large buildings, it is the only real choice as it is not only safe and reliable but of course much more economical.

Concrete pumping can be utilised for most building projects. Because there are a variety of machines and concrete mixes available, it’s the best choice for most applications.

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